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Our theatre is very young. It was born in September of 2000 when a choreographer Anna Kravets suggested an idea of a Jewish musical theatre to a group of enthusiastic fans of Yiddish folk music.

Jewish Musical Theatre Firelech Biography

A "firelech" is a "spark" which describes the Firelech group and it's entrance onto the entertainment scene of Jewish culture in Boston.

"Firelech" roots come from another Jewish Group with the same name. In Vilnius (Lithuania) in 1971 a group of people organized a Jewish ensemble of music and dance, which was called "Firelech". That ensemble became well known in the former Soviet Union and around the world. In 1989 Anna Kravets became the artistic director and choreographer of that group. It performed in Russia, Israel, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, and Holland... (see History page)

We hope to carry on their tradition here in Boston. Firelech theatre is very young. It was born in September, 2000 when Anna Kravets (she moved to the USA in 1999) suggested the idea of a Jewish Musical Theatre to a group of enthusiastic fans of Yiddish folk music. Her vision was very exciting and they decided to give it a try. She recruited Company members and backstage workers from the local Russian community. The company members are all volunteers rehearsing late into the night after their day jobs. The creation of Firelech Boston is a testimonial to determination and ortitude in the face of insurmountable obstacles. As the group seeks a larger venue to meet audience demand and increased community support, Anna states her goal: "I want to create a unique Jewish Community Theatre with a school for dancers, singers, and actors. If I succeed, Boston will be the first city to have it."

But most importantly, the participants are all wonderful, talented people with great personalities. They come to rehearse three times a week for 2-3 hours, leaving school, work and family behind. The first short performance took place at the JCC in Brighton, MA in November, 2000 after two months of rehearsing. It was a 45-minute concert. The next concert was organized in February, 2001. The first big show, called ''Vignettes of life in a Shtetl', took place at the JCC in Newton in May, 2001. During the past year they performed in MA and New York. The premier of a new show 'Smile - You're On' was shown in June, 2003. They won a third place at the International Competition 'The Gold Chanukia'.

As they perform heartwarming songs in Yiddish and Hebrew and magically dance on stage, you suddenly become a time traveler transported onto the streets of that Shtetl‚ a place where our great-grandparents lived among the Jews of Spain, Greece and Yemen. Eventually you find yourself in the land of Israel, where no matter how many tears are shed and how much pain we as Jews endure, there is always room for song and dance in our hearts.

Firelech is always interested in recruiting new singers and dancers. Rehearsals are held every Monday and Wednesday evenings from 8 to 10pm and Sundays from 12 to 3pm at 50 Sutherland Road, Brighton, MA 02135.

If you are planning an event and you would like to add a taste of Jewish and Israeli dancing and singing, just call us and book Firelech.

In an October 2004 review in
Allston-Brighton TAB
Erin Smith wrote:
Firelech's performances mostly surround the traditional Jewish songs and dances from the historic "shtetl," the Yiddish word for village. Kravets says her theater group allows Russian-speaking Jews the opportunity to learn religious traditions that were banned in the Soviet Union...
Read the review...

"Shtetl on Route 9" -
Noah Schaffer in Worcester Magazine


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